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Random thought:

When the Dixie Chicks said that the president (Bush) made them embarrassed to be from Texas, right was apoplectic and felt they should be boycotted.

Ted Nugent hints that he might try to assassinate the president (Obama), but it doesn’t look like they’re gonna be quite as incensed.

Funny how that works.


Quick random health care thought.

Righties often say that the US has care available for everyone, in the sense that the ER can’t turn you away. From a strictly economical perspective, don’t they realize that it would cost the public far less to give that person normal health care that keeps them healthy than paying out the ass for their emergency operation or what have you when their inability to get coverage reaches a head?

Geraldo thought

Everyone’s mad at Geraldo Rivera for his little blurting about parents stopping their kids from wearing hoodies vis a vis the Travyon Martin case, but…

…I can’t help but say I’d have said the same. He saw what happened and rather rightfully realized that, as a parent, you’ll want to tell your kids to be ultra careful because of the “nutjobs” (his word) out there. It’s like telling your daughter not to go around in skimpy clothing in bad neighborhoods at night. He wasn’t blaming Trayvon, he was saying that people are goddamn crazy, so parents should tell their kids to take extra precautions sometimes.

By the way.

I don’t give two shits what Bill Maher said. He’s a comedian. A political comedian, but a comedian. We’re not talking about Chris Matthews or Brian Williams here. All this is, is the right being childish because of the Rush Limbaugh scandal.

The science of the gaffe: Mitt Romney likes to fire people

A good, quick read here. And it nicely explains my problem with current politics.

We have a system where it’s goofy statements and ethical transgressions that tank campaigns instead of disastrous platforms. Kerry was sunk thanks to Swiftboaters and decontextualized nonsense about “I voted for it before I voted against it”, which was perfectly legitimate in how he meant it. Al Gore got torn to shreds over supposed self-aggrandizing claims that were anything but. To this day, anyone who jokes about Al Gore creating the internet and meaning it makes my blood pressure spike 30 or 40 points.

But that’s just where we are. Rick Santorum can equate gay marriage to bestiality and still be considered a viable candidate, as long as he doesn’t drop a gaffe that’s easy to exploit.

You know what?

I’ve noticed a bunch of religious folk delighting in Hitch’s death. Some are using it as a bludgeon, feigning “grief”; for example I saw one tweet calling it a reminder of the consequences of unbelief (he clarified this to mean that, now that he’s dead, everyone realizes he’s in hell or something).

The point there is that the death of an atheist is providing an opportunity for the “pious” to weep crocodile tears and lament that he’s suffering eternal damnation, exploiting the death of a man to make political points. And it pisses me off.

Graph of the day

This should tell you all you need to know.

EDIT: There we go. Oops.