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On the Colorado shooting

Yes, it’s a tragedy.

No, it’s not terrorism.

I keep seeing people bring up the admittedly cogent point that if Jason Holmes was Mohammad Rezadeh the media would be crying terrorism faster than you can say “double standard”, but the problem isn’t that this is terrorism not being called such because it’s a white dude, but that it would have been called terrorism incorrectly.

What we have is a lunatic going on a killing spree. No political motivation, no grand vision for which instilling fear in the populace was necessary. Just a man with a broken mind who wanted to hurt a lot of people. Not terrorism.


Once again, missing the point

So there’s a video now of George Zimmerman at the police station, and people are all up in arms in debating whether or not you can see any injuries on him. He claims Trayvon Martin had punched him and smacked his head into the pavement, and the shooting was in self-defense.

The thing? It doesn’t fucking matter if Trayvon beat Zimmerman to within an inch of his life.

The 911 call and Trayvon’s friend’s statement clearly show that Zimmerman got out of his car and went after Martin. Going by the “self defense” idea, anything Trayvon Martin did was in self-defense against a 40 year old grown man who had just run him down. In fact, just by what we know happened, if Trayvon had shot and killed Zimmerman it would have been excusable by the “stand your ground” law.

People are focusing on the wrong damn thing. They’re going on and on about whether or not Trayvon Martin injured George Zimmerman when the reality is that if Zimmerman had followed the 911 operator’s instructions and stayed in his car, none of this would have happened. He was the aggressor, so even if he got his nose broken and both his eyes blackened, that’s his fault. He initiated the altercation.

The Trayvon Martin story

I have nothing to say on this one. The released 911 tapes turn my stomach. Hearing people defend Zimmerman, a grown and armed man who followed an unarmed 17 year old against the 911 dispatcher’s instructions, is just more than I want to dive into. Especially considering Zimmerman’s dozens of 911 calls and asking neighbors to be on the lookout for young black men.

There’s a difference between playing the race card and simply calling it like it is. If a shifty black guy ran down a white high school football player and shot him, he’d be in the injection chamber before the gun barrel cooled.

Atheist kills soldier for believing in God

Er, wait. I meant the other way around.

But one shocking detail in that story seemed to be overlooked in the AP’s lead: A criminal complaint against the group, obtained by Raw Story on Thursday, shows that Green’s sister believes he killed Ramirez “because Ramirez did not believe in God.”

All the details still aren’t in, but that’s close enough to at least get me concerned that it could be the case.

The Kandahar Shooting

I hesitated on writing about this particular little nugget of tragedy because I really wanted to make sure I had something to say about it, so here it goes.

As folks like NPR have noted, this came at an awful time. I am in no way suggesting that this guy did anything representative of the military as a whole, but you have to look at things in perspective. Coming on the heels of the Quran burning, it’s hard to imagine a worse one-two punch of American image tarnishing. Presenting an image is less important when the war is something like WWII when we were actually at war with the country itself, but in a war ostensibly attempting to root an evil element out of a country of otherwise peaceful people, attacking both their religion and their children feeds straight into the hands of those extremists.

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment if, for example, we had India helping us root terrorists out of USA and they were burning Bibles and shooting up playgrounds. You can bet your ass the Tea Party and 2nd Amendment fellaters would be making pipe bombs before you can say “fuck off, Apu”.

What should happen to the guy? Well that’s a damn hard question. The US obviously wants to try him in military court, where the smart money is on him being found mentally unstable and getting a perfunctory sentence (if any) followed by a fair amount of time in psychiatric help. The Afghanis want him tried in their court where he’ll almost certainly be executed.

Now, there is a bit of inherent hypocrisy in the US always insisting that they be the judicial body in cases regarding anyone involved in this conflict be they Americans or Arabs. Similarly, you can bet dollars to donuts if some extremist ran into a civilian area and fired on a bunch of kids he’d either be killed on the spot or dumped in a hole and have a car battery hooked up to his nutsack before the kids’ bullet holes stopped steaming.

So on one hand, I can see why the Afghanis would want to try them in their own courts. Aside from being skeptical that he’ll see actual “justice” if he goes to a military court, they clearly would want to actually take control in their affairs rather than sending him away for it. After all, it was their citizenry being murdered. But do I, a generally anti-death-sentence guy, support executing a man purely on symbolic principles?

No, I don’t. However, what I do support is letting the Afghani courts take control in these situations. He may or may not be put to death for what he’s done, but that should be their call. Not ours. I’ve said before that I don’t weep for insurgents and extremists killed in the field, but the crux of this is who should be allowed to decide the matter: the US military or the country bereaved. Would a German soldier in the United States who blew up a day care center expect to get shipped back to Germany so their army could deal with it internally?

However, to play devil’s advocate to myself, we are in a military action. He wasn’t vacationing there and looking to get extradited to the United States. If the Afghanis decide his fate, what happens to every other situation wherein an American soldier did something wrong? Should they all go to Afghani courts? Spend time in Afghani jails? No, that’s insanity. And where does the line go?

So, for the time being, I’d almost suggest a “joint court” of sorts. Send him to the American military courts with Afghan judges weighing in on the situation. Make it fair. He almost certainly won’t get executed, but he also won’t just get a slap on the wrists. Figure something out.

Man expects to be Raptured. Isn't. Friends poke fun at him. Man shoots friends.

Or so it seems, depending on which parent we believe. Still.

The mother of the victim told The Register Guard that her son said Dale O’Callaghan took it personally when he was needled about his belief that he would be taken to heaven by the return of Jesus Christ.

Eugene police say O’Callaghan shot Jerry Andrews on Friday morning at LHM Hydraulics, where they worked. Andrews suffered a fractured shoulder.

You know how sometimes people ask for examples of someone whose violent acts cannot be explained away without religion (as in, culturally or something to that effect)? Here ya go.

Again, dad seems to be disputing this, but I find that fishy since it seems to be the only motive as per the story. But, hey, if something else comes along I’ll update this with a mea culpa.

The Army Kill Team photos

See, this is why I don’t blindly offer my respect and admiration to anyone. These guys could come back to the US and shout about how they were putting their asses on the line to keep our country safe, when this is the shit they were actually up to.

I feel bad for the truly upright and virtuous members of our military who have to deal with the aftermath of this. Some kid barely out of high school is going to run over an IED because an Al Qaeda sympathizer is now identifying US military uniforms with the mutilation and murder of innocent children thanks to those jackasses.