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And the birther movement continues…

What I want everyone to remember is that this has nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the Constitutional requirements for holding office, and everything with people doing whatever they can to prevent Obama from getting elected.

“First, I have been on the record since 2009 that I believe the president was born in Hawaii. I am not a birther,” [Arizona Secretary of State Ken] Bennett said in his statement.

“At the request of a constituent, I asked the state of Hawaii for a verification in lieu of certified copy,” he said. “We’re merely asking them to officially confirm they have the president’s birth certificate in their possession and are awaiting their response.”

The better question is whether this would similarly be extended to every candidate. After all, if he believes Obama to have been born in Hawaii, he should also ask for verification from every other candidate who he believes to be a natural born citizen. For every office.

What’s really pathetic is that guys like Bennett lack the balls to come out and say they don’t believe Obama is American, and hide behind “at the request of a constituent”. As though he were beholden to do whatever random constituents ask him to. Like next week we’ll read “I find them uncomfortable, but at the request of a constituent, I’ll be wearing burlap pants for the remainder of the month.”


Obama throws his support behind gay marriage.

This is an especially interesting move, considering that North Carolina voted to ban it and that’s a state he kinda needs come November. One would almost think he’s, gasp, taking a stand on principle.

It also led to the greatest FOX Nation headline ever, before they changed it:

Barack Obama is a master troll

I think he just likes watching the Birthers get worked up into a frenzy. So do I.

Obama then explained he was advised to “reintroduce himself” to America.

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas. My father was born in Kenya. And I was born, of course,” the sitting president said with a mischievous, knowing wink, “in Hawaii.”

You can see the video there, too. WND also cites a few lawsuits and an “investigation”, none of which have actually been shown to hold a thimble of water. Basically they just refuse to admit that BO is a local boy.

Which raises a question: does WND actually believe Obama is Kenyan, or are they keeping up the charade because they’d rather be seen at crackpots than admit they were wrong about something? It’s one of the things about conspiracy theorists: they can never be “proven” wrong, as they can claim the “proof” is falsified or part of the conspiracy itself. So even if they know they’re wrong, they can keep up the fight until they’re ready to give it up.

Nice speech by Obama vis a vis the GOP

I’m not sure it’ll turn into much beyond that, but it’s nice to hear fire in the belly.

Mr. Obama has, in recent months, urged Republicans to put aside their destructive agenda. But, in this speech, he finally conceded that the party has demonstrated no interest in the values of compromise and realism. Even Ronald Reagan, who raised taxes in multiple budget deals, “could not get through a Republican primary today,” Mr. Obama said. While Democrats have repeatedly shown a willingness to cut entitlements and have agreed to trillions in domestic spending cuts, he said, Republicans won’t agree to any tax increases and, in fact, want to shower the rich with even more tax cuts.

The speech was the first time that Mr. Obama linked Mr. Romney, by name, to his party’s dishonest budget and discredited trickle-down policies. As Mr. Obama pointed out, Mr. Romney described as “marvelous” a budget that would drastically cut student financial aid, medical research, Head Start classrooms and environmental protections. Mr. Obama further ridiculed the budget’s deficit-cutting goal as “laughable” because it refuses to acknowledge the need for new revenues.

So true, so true. The challenge will be if Candidate Etch-a-Sketch starts moving toward the middle now or if he is, in fact, bound by his previous statements.

Okay, I need to stop doubting Obama, I think

Via a bit of executive branch magic, he effectively pulled out the worst bits of the NDAA. Read the entire article. It’s mandatory.

The thing to really point out is that had he vetoed the original bill (remember, there’s no line-item veto any more), then it almost assuredly would have gone back to Congress and passed again. In effect, the veto would have been purely symbolic and accomplished nothing. Instead, Obama once again played the long game and we ended up all the better for it.

The perfect president? Of course not, but I really do need to stop assuming the worst whenever he takes what appear to be terrible positions on things.

Obama quotes Jesus: conservatives go bananas

As they say, apparently you can only refer to Christ if you’re doing so to support right-wing policy.

Side note: Tea Party Jesus is fucking hilarious.

Similar, in fact, to Supply Side Jesus.

All which is summarized nicely by one Stephen Colbert.

"Creating jobs" really isn't enough of a reason

I keep hearing Boehner, et al, say that the Keystone pipeline is good because it will create jobs, as though this fact alone justifies whatever it will do otherwise.

Tip: a rape-bortion factory would create jobs. We’d need a lot of people to keep raping and aborting. That doesn’t mean it’d be a good idea for the government to make one. Obama’s got the right idea: look beyond the short term and concentrate on the long-haul ramifications. That’s why he’s rejecting it. Besides…

The petroleum industry asserts that the Keystone XL project would create at least 20,000 jobs, but the State Department and independent groups estimate that no more than 6,000 jobs would be generated.

That’s not exactly enough jobs to warrant what this would do environmentally.