On the Colorado shooting

Yes, it’s a tragedy.

No, it’s not terrorism.

I keep seeing people bring up the admittedly cogent point that if Jason Holmes was Mohammad Rezadeh the media would be crying terrorism faster than you can say “double standard”, but the problem isn’t that this is terrorism not being called such because it’s a white dude, but that it would have been called terrorism incorrectly.

What we have is a lunatic going on a killing spree. No political motivation, no grand vision for which instilling fear in the populace was necessary. Just a man with a broken mind who wanted to hurt a lot of people. Not terrorism.

One response to “On the Colorado shooting

  1. Until we hear why he did it, I’m reserving thoughts on the whole terrorism thing. But with how things are turning out, I think it was more than just the broken mind.

    As it is, the more I read/hear about this whole thing, the more PO’ed I get. One reply I’ve made is that guns are as dangerous an addiction as any drug, and I’m really starting to believe that. People don’t “need” guns; they’re a privilege, not a right. When the people who made up the 2nd Amendment were talking about guns, they were single shot that took a minute or so to load, not semi-auto’s or auto’s.

    Armed societies aren’t polite societies, the purpose of guns is to kill, end of story and anyone who says they have a right to carry guns, is, IMO, for the “right” of people to indulge in premeditated murder.

    With all the crap the right is coming out with now about this whole thing… I’m close to giving up on thinking the US will ever get a brain in its collective head.

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