Mitt Romney: bravely going into uncharted territory

Specifically, writing off all of his “home states” for the election: Michigan, Massachusetts, and California.

Sure, you can make the observation that those are decidedly blue states, but at least in the case of Massachusetts that’s where he was friggin’ governor. We’re talking about a man who is pretty much everything one could have claimed about a typical liberal elite (Harvard educated New England politician who doesn’t drink, has a load of money and no connection to the common man), but had to completely turn his back on himself in order to court enough GOP voters elsewhere to give him a chance on the national platform.

Many of you might remember in 2000 when Gore lost, that many on the right wanted to dismiss the Florida debacle by deriding Gore for losing his home state of Tennessee, but even then it was a bit of a surprise loss. Romney’s just giving up on where his roots are, in the hopes of winning the presidency. If anything, it’s a perfect analogy for his whole strategy: abandon the Mitt Romney of X years ago and turn into whatever Mitt Romney he thinks can win in 2012. Does he actually have deeply held beliefs? I don’t know.

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