Romney’s health care plan

I want to put this up because I’m seeing a number of sites claiming that Romney would, blanket-style, deny anyone with a pre-existing condition health care. I don’t agree with his policy overall, but that claim just ain’t true.

With a bow toward the politics on pre-existing conditions, he said, “I don’t want [people] to be denied insurance because they’ve got some preexisting condition so we’re going to have to make sure that the law we replace Obamacare with assures that people who have a preexisting condition, who’ve been insured in the past are able to get insurance in the future so they don’t have to worry about that condition keeping them from getting the kind of health care they deserve.” Luckily, several major healthcare insurers have said the would do this voluntarily.

Again, I’ve said multiple times that the problem with American health care is that it’s privatized. However, if we’re stuck within privatized health insurance, one thing that just won’t work is forcing insurance companies to cover anyone and everyone for the simple reason that it would bankrupt them. Romney’s plan fixes a rather egregious hole in the system wherein someone might have insurance, lose it, and then be unable to get coverage later. That’s a big problem, and one that can be fixed within the current structure.

I’ve harped on this before, but the reason I’m going after it again isn’t to defend Romney, it’s to point out that the proposed solution is untenable in a privatized health care system.

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