For example, THIS is a terrible policy of Mitten’s

Monetary incentives for the president to do well:

“Well I don’t have an announcement for you on that today … But I do believe in linking my incentives and my commitment to the accomplishment of specific goals,” Romney said. “I wish we had that happen throughout government — where people recognized they are not going to get rewarded in substantial ways unless they are able to achieve the objectives that they were elected to carry out.”

Okay let’s explain why this is an idiotic idea.

  1. Given that Romney is a millionaire, I’d like to know how much money he’d have to get offered for him to consider it an incentive.
  2. What happens if Congress blocks him? Who gets their paychecks hurt?
  3. Who decides what is and isn’t worth incentive? If Romney repealed Obamacare?
  4. Aren’t these people public servants? Shouldn’t they be running for the purposes of improving the country, rather than economic gain?

That should get us started. Seriously, fuck this idea.

One response to “For example, THIS is a terrible policy of Mitten’s

  1. Incentives in huge loads of money? Reality check please.

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