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Rand Paul, being retarded.

“Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional,”

Well then why do we even have a Supreme Court, chucklefuck? Obviously you know better than them, we might as well skip the whole thing and let you jacknuts decide everything.

I love it when the right doesn’t get their way and suddenly the problem is that everyone else is just some piddly nobody trying to ruin things.


SCOTUS… upholds Health Care Mandate???


I readily admit I didn’t see this coming. Justice Roberts switching sides really surprised me, and watching the Freepers and Fox Nationalists losing their shit is providing some nice schadenfreude.

Been doing this a lot, but so sorry about the complete blackout there. Things went dark a bit and I readily admit that ol’ Hanlon was kinda hiding from the site and the news until a day or so ago. Things are on the up and up now though.

Romney carefully details how he’ll pay for his tax cuts

Haha just kidding he won’t say shit. Now let me map out why a candidate would dodge this kind of questioning:

  1. He has a plan he won’t let us in on. Maybe he’s telling the truth. Maybe Mitt has discovered some mathematically feasible way to pay for gigantic tax cuts. So why wouldn’t he tell us? Well…
    1. His plan would be wildly unpopular with moderates. Given that he’s an ultra-wealthy businessman, odds are pretty good that anything he’s got on hand wouldn’t be with the middle and lower class in mind, likely slashes to social programs and the like.
    2. His plan would be wildly unpopular with the base. Okay, etch-a-sketch comments aside, Mitt can’t just abandon Republicans entirely in the hopes of courting the middle/left. So let’s say the only way to pay for tax cuts is via chopping away at defense spending and other GOP-friendly programs. What then? Keep a lid on it.
    3. He’s under the impression that tax plans are intellectual property and he doesn’t want Obama stealing it. If, you know, Mitt is just completely bonkers.
  2. He has no plan at all.Maybe he’s lying. Maybe Mitt is banking on the lie carrying him into the White House, hoping…
    1. By the time he gets elected he’ll come up with something. We’ve all done this and you know it. You say you have a plan for something before you do (I totally know how we’ll sneak you into the concert), crossing your fingers that when it comes time to actually do it, you’ll have it set.
    2. He can just get into the White House and not worry about it. So this one is pretty cynical, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Make a crazy claim with a “secret way to do it”, knowing that there’s kind of a “no backsies” policy with electing presidents, so he can just refocus on other things once in office like how Bush ran solely on an anti-terror platform in 2004 and immediately set about attempting economic reform.

These are all just possibilities. Who knows.

Mitt Romney: bravely going into uncharted territory

Specifically, writing off all of his “home states” for the election: Michigan, Massachusetts, and California.

Sure, you can make the observation that those are decidedly blue states, but at least in the case of Massachusetts that’s where he was friggin’ governor. We’re talking about a man who is pretty much everything one could have claimed about a typical liberal elite (Harvard educated New England politician who doesn’t drink, has a load of money and no connection to the common man), but had to completely turn his back on himself in order to court enough GOP voters elsewhere to give him a chance on the national platform.

Many of you might remember in 2000 when Gore lost, that many on the right wanted to dismiss the Florida debacle by deriding Gore for losing his home state of Tennessee, but even then it was a bit of a surprise loss. Romney’s just giving up on where his roots are, in the hopes of winning the presidency. If anything, it’s a perfect analogy for his whole strategy: abandon the Mitt Romney of X years ago and turn into whatever Mitt Romney he thinks can win in 2012. Does he actually have deeply held beliefs? I don’t know.

For example, THIS is a terrible policy of Mitten’s

Monetary incentives for the president to do well:

“Well I don’t have an announcement for you on that today … But I do believe in linking my incentives and my commitment to the accomplishment of specific goals,” Romney said. “I wish we had that happen throughout government — where people recognized they are not going to get rewarded in substantial ways unless they are able to achieve the objectives that they were elected to carry out.”

Okay let’s explain why this is an idiotic idea.

  1. Given that Romney is a millionaire, I’d like to know how much money he’d have to get offered for him to consider it an incentive.
  2. What happens if Congress blocks him? Who gets their paychecks hurt?
  3. Who decides what is and isn’t worth incentive? If Romney repealed Obamacare?
  4. Aren’t these people public servants? Shouldn’t they be running for the purposes of improving the country, rather than economic gain?

That should get us started. Seriously, fuck this idea.

Romney’s health care plan

I want to put this up because I’m seeing a number of sites claiming that Romney would, blanket-style, deny anyone with a pre-existing condition health care. I don’t agree with his policy overall, but that claim just ain’t true.

With a bow toward the politics on pre-existing conditions, he said, “I don’t want [people] to be denied insurance because they’ve got some preexisting condition so we’re going to have to make sure that the law we replace Obamacare with assures that people who have a preexisting condition, who’ve been insured in the past are able to get insurance in the future so they don’t have to worry about that condition keeping them from getting the kind of health care they deserve.” Luckily, several major healthcare insurers have said the would do this voluntarily.

Again, I’ve said multiple times that the problem with American health care is that it’s privatized. However, if we’re stuck within privatized health insurance, one thing that just won’t work is forcing insurance companies to cover anyone and everyone for the simple reason that it would bankrupt them. Romney’s plan fixes a rather egregious hole in the system wherein someone might have insurance, lose it, and then be unable to get coverage later. That’s a big problem, and one that can be fixed within the current structure.

I’ve harped on this before, but the reason I’m going after it again isn’t to defend Romney, it’s to point out that the proposed solution is untenable in a privatized health care system.

“Jesus in Drag”: wherein a straight man “comes out” to his family for a social experiment

This is actually fascinating. An author decides to truly experience what it is to be gay by “coming out” to his friends, family, and everyone around him, despite not being so.  The book this was done for should prove an incredible read.

What was the most eye-opening part of your year living with the label of gay?

Surprisingly the most eye-opening aspect of my year was experiencing just how detrimental the closet is. When I came out as gay, I was going into the closet as a straight man, and the repression and isolation I experienced was crushing. The combination of knowing I had to constantly hide my true attractions and orientation, with the reality that I couldn’t even hope for the possibility having a relationship, was overwhelming. And what I went through is NOTHING compared to the experience of the average gay and lesbian. They were never able to say “only 12 or eight or six more months of this before I get to be me again.” So what I consider to be the most eye-opening facet of my year was really only a glimpse of how bad the closet really is.

Hard to put it better than that. Not to mention that his closet was one of his own doing, rather than one forced upon him by fear that festered into self-hatred.

And massive kudos go to George Elerick himself. The amount of courage it must have taken to embark on this goes beyond anything you or I will ever muster up unless we save some babies from a burning grenade factory on our way to Beirut.