GOP: white, old, dying

It’s a genuine problem.

The GOP is in a reactionary phase right now, more than anything. A time of responding to the leftward-drifting political landscape and, rather than modifying their positions on key issues, hunkering down and redoubling the anti-progressive stances. In a lot of ways, the United States is less progressive than it was in the past, less accepting of sweeping changes to the way we do things. But that’s how the world is: it moves left.

A fun activity, if you’re a history geek, is to dig through revolutionary thinkers of the past and seeing where their ideas and stances are in an absolute sense rather than relativistic. You’ll find that even the most wildly liberal thinkers of bygone days would be almost laughably backward in the 21st century. Anti-slavery advocates didn’t think blacks were equal people, just that slavery was wrong. Even Lincoln didn’t see the negro as rising particularly high in society.

This sounds contradictory, but the point is that the paradigm as a whole will always, always shift to the left. However, what we’re seeing now is such a hard press against it that wasn’t the case throughout American history. Ours has been a country that, generally speaking, prided itself on pressing forward into the new age, forging new territory and showing the world how we as a goddamn species can advance from century to century.

What does that have to do with the Republican Party? Well, everything. Their emotional-level, cranky grandpa response to gay rights, womens rights, secularism and domestic policy are necessarily self-defeating. We’re getting less dogmatically religious (high percentages of people claim Christianity, but the number who believe the Bible literal truth drops every year), women are a larger percentage of the population than men, gays are more comfortable with being open, and whites are slowly losing their majority. So a party that largely appeals to white, Christian males is one that is painting itself into a corner.

The Republicans are going to have to make a decision: step forward into the 21st century, or die off entirely. Time will tell what they do.

6 responses to “GOP: white, old, dying

  1. Frito Baggins

    Nice points, here.  And I say that as an aging, white male.  On the other hand, I’m a liberal Dem and not yet, I hope, dying.  I, for one, am enthusiastic about what all these changes in our society will bring.  Better to channel the oncoming flood in constructive ways (the open-minded approach) than to dam the ocean altogether (the conservative approach).

    BTW, vis a vis your comment about the diminution of dogmatism in religion, I just read this afternoon:  in the most recent national census in Australia, more than 75000 people listed their household religion as “Jedi”.

    I haven’t been on the comment board for a while but I still read the thread.  Onward!

  2. Your dogmatism has brought us dependency, welfare state bankruptcy, destruction of the family, lawlessness, violence, ghettos, and a large array of other society destroying things.  And you talk about them, as if adopting them is the certain, desirable future.  Amazing.  If I were a liberal, I’d be preparing suicide notes.  After all, it seems the only thing you admire is destruction.  

    • “Your dogmatism has brought us dependency, welfare state bankruptcy,
      destruction of the family, lawlessness, violence, ghettos, and a large
      array of other society destroying things.”

      Care to explain what you mean by all this?

      I mean, how ‘n hell is the family being destroyed?  Where’s lawlessness?  Where’s the violence?  Where are the new ghetto’s and what other society destroying things has happened?

      “If I were a liberal, I’d be preparing suicide notes.  After all, it seems the only thing you admire is destruction.”

      Since when do liberals admire destruction?  I’d think the conservatives value destruction – and society destroying things – more than the liberals.  From what I’ve seen, that’s what they’re into most.

      • The fact that you have no idea what I’m talking about, is just amazing.  It must be nice to ignore history, to close your eyes to the present, and live in a world of fantasy.   The rise of the non-traditional family ( single parent, etc).   The collapse of said traditional family.  The destruction of our industrial base, and our economic engine.  The destruction of our economic and business freedoms. 

        The rise of dependency.   The confiscation of the economic freedom of the individual,  to fund the “handouts for votes” political class ( liberals in Washington DC).

        Every one of these is 100% the fault of Democrats – who have fought desperately to get them, and then continue to work to continue, encourage, and advance each one of them much further.  

      • A lot of what you said then is really opinion.  I was just asking you to clarify your opinion, which you still really haven’t done.

        It’s great to have an opposing voice and all, but really, broad-brushing blame onto the liberals is old and cliche and at this point, wrong.  Both sides – liberal and conservative – have done damage to all these things you’ve said have gone wrong. 

        If you want to get technical, just how far back are you looking at what the definition of traditional family is, and which people’s/race’s definition? 

        I’m not into the whole economics of stuff but again, I don’t see any freedoms being taken away; in fact, I see more freedoms being given to corporations (I mean come on, corporations are people?)

        I’ll agree that there probably is a rise of dependency in people the world over, not just the US but depending on what it’s over, a little dependency isn’t a bad thing.

  3. Keth, you may want proof that this is happening and that won’t be hard to find so go and get it.
    The truth is that demographically, white conservative voters are a dying breed.
    The change in demographic has already affected several states and will effect more this coming November.  I am a white male voter and I am teeming with joy over the slow and eventual failure of the GOP.  I only wish it would happen faster.

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