Vermont bans fracking

I admit I’m not 100% on board with this. If the companies are well regulated, there shouldn’t be an environmental concern, and this strikes me as a case of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

What say you, Razorites?

3 responses to “Vermont bans fracking

  1. Fracking has been a huge issue in my home province of New Brunswick.  A lot of communities have really looked into it and the majority are saying “No” to it, even outright passing municipal laws to ban it.  Don’t know how much good it’ll do but it’s something.

    Personally, there’s too many questions and too much “bad” that I’ve heard about it for me to think it’s a viable source.  Though I’m not a pure environmentalist, I’d rather try solar, wind, or some other cleaner natural source than more digging into the earth for crap to power us.

  2. No disagreements there. The end game of all energy policy should be renewable sources. I’m just not convinced that the path to that is via banning current avenues. Like, rather than stopping production in THIS area, put a lot of effort into encouraging it in this OTHER area. Make it so people don’t WANT to dig into the earth.

    But maybe it’s a good thing overall. We’ll see if it spreads.

    •  Depending on who you ask, the reason why we’re still looking at digging in the earth is because Big Oil has too many hands in government for anyone to even think about anything else.  And that anyone who might have ideas that go against Big Oil business interests gets silenced, one way or another.

      But that’s depending on who you ask, I guess.  Conspiracy people can be funny sometimes 😀

      I agree though, we should be looking at making people not want to dig in the earth, but instead focus on the other ways.

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