So Ron Paul has a few states under his belt, what does this mean?

Honestly, not much. There’s a lot to remember when it comes to Ron Paul’s sudden spurt in the numbers:

  1. The delegate split right now is so far it’s comical. Like, Romney is creeping up on four digits and Paul is creeping up on three.
  2. There’s a reason he only started making a dent after everyone else dropped out: he’s riding the “anyone but Romney” wave now.
  3. Paul’s wins are in states like Maine, Nevada, and Iowa, all of which went for Obama in 2008, one for Kerry in 2004 (and the other two were within 1%), two of ’em for Gore in 2000. We’re not talking red states. His support simply is not the Republican base.
  4. The media doesn’t take Paul seriously, which is a big problem. Remember how they stole the Tea Party from him.
  5. Seriously, Paul would have to hit the equivalent of throwing a bowling ball down the lane so hard each pin flies into the adjacent lanes and knocks down those pins.

I think it’s evident that Paul’s focus is less on actually winning the nomination and more about keeping the “rEVOLution” (ugh) going, and keeping the fight right up to the RNC floor is just another piece of that for him.

More power to the guy, and naturally I like ‘im better than the other GOP fellas, but uh… he’s not gonna beat Mittens.

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