Betting odds on Romney’s VP

Kind of a neat little rundown here.

What sticks out the most for me is that the names that crop up most are Rubio, Ryan, Pawlenty and the like. Paul Ryan might be well known in the blogosphere for his lunatic budget proposals, but one thing that we’re not seeing is any kind of a reach to pull a Palin again. No out of nowhere names whose prime qualification is a pretty face with a side order of “aw shucks”. Instead we have actual established legislators with heads on their shoulders.

Again, this is looking to be an interesting race, in a sense. Rolling Stone has a fantastic piece declaring this to be the most boring election ever, but that’s honestly what I like about it. We’re not distracted by cowboy presidents and yapping about gay marriage, terrorism screeching and dual wars, airheaded Barbie dolls and “where’s the birth certificate??” What it looks like we might have is… gasp… a race of politics. Four boring dudes up on podiums talking about policy.

For once, the presidential race could be something that isn’t theater.

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