No, no it wouldn’t, Mr Scott

Okay, so, at the RNC this year, water guns are banned and concealed handguns are allowed. Bad enough, but what’s really awful is the justification.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said this week that banning handguns from downtown Tampa during the convention, as the city’s Mayor Bob Buckhorn requested, “would surely violate the Second Amendment.”

No. No no no. No. Shut up. No. Dammit.

The 2nd amendment is likely the most contentious in the lot thanks to its incredibly vague wording, because this interpretation is rooted in the clear belief that not only can’t the government bar you from owning handguns, but can’t stop you from having them on you wherever you want.

This is absolute bullshit. Go to any government building and try to walk in with a weapon. Most places like county courthouses won’t even let you walk in with a pocket knife or a box cutter, let along a goddamn Smith & Wesson. That’s a federal law, mind. The reason you can’t take guns on an airplane isn’t because of Jet Blue or Delta telling you that you can’t, it’s more legislation. You can’t carry weapons in all kinds of places as per federal law. And not allowing handguns at a convention isn’t a violation of your right to bear arms either; you can keep your gun, just don’t go to the damn convention.

What we’re seeing is pure pandering of the most craven variety. It’s nothing but the GOP putting effing LIVES at risk so they can keep on courtin’ the Ted Nugent NRA wackadoodle vote. I would hope that most reasonable gun owners would realize that it’s a good idea to keep a big-ass political convention firearm-free.

One response to “No, no it wouldn’t, Mr Scott

  1. Hiya Hanlon!

    With the tinfoil-hat brigade constantly yammering on and on about how Barry has a plan to confiscate all their guns so that they’ll be easy to round up and put into the secret federal prison camps that are being readied all over the country, there probably aren’t too many Republicans willing to seem strong on gun control of any kind. Even the few sane Republicans who realize letting people carry concealed weapons at public venues is idiotic won’t step up to the plate on this one. Letting their base think only Obama and the Democrats are gun-control boogeymen works to their advantage.

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