Romney’s Etching and Sketching gets even more hilarious

This one just… I don’t… how can… bluh?

At a campaign stop today in Portsmouth, NH, Mitt Romney portrayed President Obama as a foe — and himself a champion — of the poor, noting the “greater and greater gap between those that have the most and those that have the least” and accusing President Obama of being “focused on taking away from those that have the least.”

“I want to help everybody, particularly those that are being left behind,” said Romney, who memorably told CNN he’s “not concerned about the very poor” in February. “I want to help the poor. I want to help the middle class get the kinds of jobs that raise their income. Let’s focus on helping the people who need the help the most.”

I’m kinda curious which policies Mitt is referring to of his that are so kind to the poor, and which of Obama’s coddle the wealthy. And doesn’t this kinda go against the normal talking point that Democrats are all about punishing success in order to pour money into low-productivity wallets?

I think we all misunderstood the etch-a-sketch comment. Everyone interpreted it like someone drawing a fine picture on one, and then shaking it to draw a new one. Maybe it’s more like how real people use the things: you try a couple lines, it looks fucking terrible, so you shake it up and try again, repeat.

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