The new stupid attack: dogs

The issue with Mitt Romney and strapping his dog to the roof of his car was, at best, minor, and one that was only vaguely relevant in that it was surprisingly callous. But again, I’d like to stress the “minor” part. Don’t worry though, the right’s found a way to fire back!

Then Wednesday, a conservative blogger pointed out a passage in Obama’s “Dreams From My Father” that mentions having been given dog meat when he was a child in Indonesia. That prompted a delighted outpouring on Twitter by amused Obama opponents, peppered with dog recipes. John McCain tweeted a photo of his son’s dog, with the line “I’m sorry Mr. President, he’s not on the menu.”

A Romney spokesman revisited that nice picture of Obama and Bo, saying it was, in hindsight, “chilling.” An Obama spokesman tweeted back decrying the attack on a small child. On Thursday it all reached the White House briefing room, with chief spokesman Jay Carney saying that making a big deal of the dog-meat episode “sounds like somebody who’s trying to get out of the doghouse on something.”

It’s been firing around since then, from McRage to Palin to your average Joe the Plumber.

What this says, more than anything, is how aggravatingly desperate the right has become to attack Barry-O. They’re at a point where they’re combing back through his biography (a book that isn’t exactly secret) to pull out random anecdotes from when he was a child in the hopes that maybe this one will stick. They’ve failed on every other front to get any kind of a steady negative image of Obama to last beyond a week, so now they’re down to “he’s a dog eater!”

Let me save everyone some time: it’s gonna fall apart, like a well cooked Spot roast.

2 responses to “The new stupid attack: dogs

  1. Dems are down to “Romney doesn’t like cookies!” so the desperation runs both ways.

    • That’s more that they’ve found their “line” (he’s an elitist snob) and are running it to the point of idiocy. Like I said… it’s cookies, and even normal people kinda snort at cheap 7-11 cookies. He didn’t know they were from a local bakery.

      I’m equal opportunity when it comes to these things, but in this case it smacks of desperation, given how the numbers tend to flow.

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