Mitt Romney and “Cookie-gate”

Again, some quick thoughts:

  1. Mitt is like John Kerry squared minus the war heroism. He waffles like crazy and makes amazingly stupid comments like this. It doesn’t matter if someone on the trail hands you a cookie that looks like it was baked on a hot car engine, you eat the damn thing. It’s called being gracious to your supporters.
  2. Although, to play devil’s advocate, I hate convenience store cookies. This isn’t really a case of Mitt being “elitist” as much as him just not thinking. If I invite people over to a cookout and someone brings a box of two buck cookies they got at Sheetz I’m gonna be a bit annoyed.
  3. I know, they were actually from a very nice bakery, but he didn’t know that. Refer to point 1, that Mitt just isn’t thinking.

4 responses to “Mitt Romney and “Cookie-gate”

  1. You have never had a cookout…Eating MRE’s on your back deck doesn’t count lol

  2. Insofar as this comment by Mittens about the cookies is concerned I’m going to assume stupidity rather than malice on his part.

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