Rev Billy Graham’s daughter would not vote for an atheist

I mean, that’s kind of a “no shit” thing, but it does raise an interesting question.

“I would not vote for a man who was an atheist because I believe you need to have an acknowledgement or a reverence or a fear for almighty God. And I believe that’s where wisdom comes from,” she said during a panel discussion on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

I can understand one not trusting believers in one capacity or another in that you fear that their particular doctrine would manifest in bad policies or somesuch. But to categorically deny that you’d support any person of a given mode of faith? That’s where the problem arises.

Me? I’ll vote for an atheist, agnostic, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Scientologist, Pastafarian, Norse Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, or whatever else you might throw at me as long as their ideals line up with mine. The difference here is that I do not, in any sense, line my support or promotion with anyone based on the labels that they affix to themselves. That label might give me a good indication as to whether or not I’m likely to be on their side, but that’s a different matter.

Then again, I don’t claim to be on the side of an almighty deity. I would assume that if I believed in the big man upstairs, it would only follow suit that I would sweepingly deny anyone who I saw as turning their back on him.

2 responses to “Rev Billy Graham’s daughter would not vote for an atheist

  1. You have to realize Hanlon that these people think if your’e Atheist, you have no “moral code”. They can’t imagine that, if you have no boogeyman hanging over your shoulder, watching everything you do, why WOULDN’T you rape and steal? They’re the moral equivalent of “I dont’ do it because I don’t want to be punished”.

    I’ve seen people who say “Well they can’t make cocaine legal, because then I’d have to go out and do it” – the fact it’s illegal (and so they will be punished) is the only thing keeping them from doing bad things, as opposed to not doing those things BECAUSE they are bad. Those folks NEED authoritarian systems so they know what not to do and keep them in check.

  2. I will never vote for a Pastafarian haha

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