You keep saying that word…

…but I do not think it means what you think it does.

Likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney doubled down on his attack against President Obama for allegedly waging a “war on religion” during a town hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Monday night, insisting that the Affordable Care Act’s new rule requiring employers to provide preventive health care services like contraception constituted an effort to establish “secularism” as an official religion.

Just to clarify: “secularism” refers to separating religious ideals from the political realm, as in being able to say “well this is what my religion teaches, but as it cannot be applied universally I shan’t force it upon others”.

When Republicans complain about secularism, what they’re basically complaining about is any attempts to make the US not a theocracy.

6 responses to “You keep saying that word…

  1. I’m a Republican. We’re complaining about the government compelling religious institutions to support programs inconsistent with their core principles.  Who are you to tell me what I’m complaining about???

    • Dude, I don’t think you 
      even  read what he said.

    • Then you’re using the wrong word. It’s a simple vocabulary lesson, not an attempt to frame your argument.

      • I don’t want a theocracy. I don’t know anyone who does.  And I don’t see any rational path to anyone creating a theocracy.  No theocracy exists here, and none is imminent.  None is in the works, and none is imagined, planned or conspired. 

        Therefore I can’t see how what is being done is actually preventing a nonexistent unsupported theocracy from occurring, and I am left wondering what it is, then, that those who claim to be thwarting the emergence of such a theocracy are really trying to accomplish.

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