Olbermann fired from Current TV

Yep, that happened.

What really chaps my ass about this is that all the reasons that they gave for firing him appear to be reasons why right-wing media outlets refuse to fire their talking heads. Was KO respectful toward the targets of his ire? Not by a damn sight, but even at his worst he never approached the level we saw from his compatriots on the other side of the fence.

I’m reminded of when William Jefferson was found with all that money in his freezer and the Democrats instantly disowned him, in stark comparison to the sex scandals wherein the GOP refused to cast out their members until they had no choice. One would almost think that lefties hold their comrades to a higher standard or something.

5 responses to “Olbermann fired from Current TV

  1. From what I’ve read there were issues going on behind the scenes but it sounds like Current TV isn’t saying what, exactly, he did wrong to warrant it.

  2. I’ve been very suspicious of Current TV’s hidden agenda ever since I watched so-called journalist Laura Ling’s 2005 report on Haiti. (Remember Laura? Apparently the North Koreans share my opinion of her.)


  3. “I’m reminded of when William Jefferson was found with all that money in his freezer and the Democrats instantly disowned him”

    I was thinking about the standing ovation House Democrats gave Gerry Studs when he was doing Brokeback Mountain with a 17 y/o page.  Is that what you call “disowning”?

    The difference is that the GOP knew Republicans would not stand for someone like Mark Foley, and so they covered it up for political purposes.  They clung to the Foley’s seat by sweeping him under the rug, but you never saw them celebrating his sickness, like Dems do.

    I suggest you check with *voters* if you need clarification on what kind of behavior’s acceptable in which party.  A Republican doesn’t get a career in politics after drowning a woman in a car, or after having a gay prostitution ring run out of his apartment.  It that your “higher standard”, I wonder?

    • Gerry Studds? The guy who was censured by a 420-3 vote in the House? And then had his chairmanship stripped? Sure he was voted in a couple times after that, but I guess that just means YOU need to… check with the voters!

  4. You’re right! Studds got the ovations from his voters back at his district after being censured.

    Do you suppose that happened with the Republicans in Foley’s district?

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