Quick random health care thought.

Righties often say that the US has care available for everyone, in the sense that the ER can’t turn you away. From a strictly economical perspective, don’t they realize that it would cost the public far less to give that person normal health care that keeps them healthy than paying out the ass for their emergency operation or what have you when their inability to get coverage reaches a head?

2 responses to “Quick random health care thought.

  1. I don’t think Republicans want to pay out the ass for emergency operations – they just want us to die. Remember the woman who died, completely neglected, on the floor of a Los Angeles emergency room after writhing in pain for hours, while a janitor swept the floor around her? That’s the Republican health care plan. IMHO.

  2. Not true.  It costs less to treat the occasional case of colon cancer than to give everyone at risk a colonoscopy.  The problem is that we just don’t know which are the few that are going to get cancer.

    Same for statins, blood pressure meds, and probably dozens of other preventative measures that are probably worth paying for out of your *own* pocket if you really don’t want to get sick.

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