Once again, missing the point

So there’s a video now of George Zimmerman at the police station, and people are all up in arms in debating whether or not you can see any injuries on him. He claims Trayvon Martin had punched him and smacked his head into the pavement, and the shooting was in self-defense.

The thing? It doesn’t fucking matter if Trayvon beat Zimmerman to within an inch of his life.

The 911 call and Trayvon’s friend’s statement clearly show that Zimmerman got out of his car and went after Martin. Going by the “self defense” idea, anything Trayvon Martin did was in self-defense against a 40 year old grown man who had just run him down. In fact, just by what we know happened, if Trayvon had shot and killed Zimmerman it would have been excusable by the “stand your ground” law.

People are focusing on the wrong damn thing. They’re going on and on about whether or not Trayvon Martin injured George Zimmerman when the reality is that if Zimmerman had followed the 911 operator’s instructions and stayed in his car, none of this would have happened. He was the aggressor, so even if he got his nose broken and both his eyes blackened, that’s his fault. He initiated the altercation.

6 responses to “Once again, missing the point

  1. What a shell game! Thanks for slicing through the fog.

    • I heard them on CNN arguing about who was on top in the scuffle, as though who was WINNING the fight had any bearing. Some talking head was arguing that it matters whether Trayvon or Zimmerman was winning the fight.

  2. So glad I’m not the only one who thought this. With the stand your ground rule, all I need to do it get someone to take a swing at me and I can shoot them on the spot.

    • The “stand your ground” law really needs to go. I’m all for self defense, but I remember when that first cropped up and it seemed way overreaching.

  3. It is not “the aggressor” for the neighborhood watch to question suspicious activity.  Zimmerman didn’t illegally detain Martin and he didn’t pull a gun on him.  I don’t give a flying flip how “offensive” it is for you to be questioned by my neighbors when you’re seen walking past my house at night. There’s no justification for initiating force.

    And considering that it’s legal for my neighbor to be carrying a firearm — and to use it to defend himself, I seriously advise against attacking him.  Or you can go ahead and do so, as 6′ 3″ Trayvon Martin did, and see what happens.

  4. Judge and jury will have to sort this one out.  I have no idea what happened and no one was there to witness except one guy who came forward.  Just wait.  This hopefully will not be “drive through” justice.

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