You guys help settle an argument

I say there is no motherfucking way The Conservative Teen isn’t a parody.

To me, it’s just far too idiotic. It’s like what someone would do if they wanted to make a satire of blockheaded right-wingers failing at appealing to kids. It’s also just too perfect a hypocrisy, what with the right constantly crying about how the left is indoctrinating kids and all. Even the damn site itself says so. It’s just too much. No no no.

I know the right does, in fact, frequently point at liberally biased media, but there aren’t magazines yammering about progressive taxation or why John Boehner is an idiot. There’s a wide berth between “espousing liberal ideas” (like protecting the environment or not hating gays), and being politically motivated, and TCT is so far on the wrong side of that I refuse to believe it’s a genuine effort.

On the other hand, it really would fit in line with the failures that were their Daily Show knockoff, the ultra-moronic Conservapedia and whatnot.

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