Geraldo thought

Everyone’s mad at Geraldo Rivera for his little blurting about parents stopping their kids from wearing hoodies vis a vis the Travyon Martin case, but…

…I can’t help but say I’d have said the same. He saw what happened and rather rightfully realized that, as a parent, you’ll want to tell your kids to be ultra careful because of the “nutjobs” (his word) out there. It’s like telling your daughter not to go around in skimpy clothing in bad neighborhoods at night. He wasn’t blaming Trayvon, he was saying that people are goddamn crazy, so parents should tell their kids to take extra precautions sometimes.

3 responses to “Geraldo thought

  1. So in a good neighborhood it’s okay for your daughter to wear skimpy clothing?  Because it’s all about the nutjobs, huh, and not about what the clothing says?

    • See it’s posts like this that prove that you’re just here to stir the pot and not actually discuss anything. You go down the list and find a reason to argue with me in every article.

      I’m always happy to discuss or debate, but when your sole point is to be contradictory, it makes it all more headache-inducing than anything.

  2. Fair enough.  The truth is that I find the premises of much of your content simply ridiculous.  It’s strawman on top of fallacy on top of political correctness.

    You’re defending Geraldo on this — and that’s good.  But there are also valid internal reasons for kids to dress respectably that transcend whether there are nuts in the neighborhood. It matters what your sane neighbors think, too.

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