“Paul Ryan’s budget would take us back to 1950. That’s not a metaphor. That’s a statistic.”

It’s actually almost comical the way these guys faff around with their awful budget solutions. The conservative method for promising a budget fix is basically a three step process:

  1. Promise that you can slash the budget by X% or by $Y by Z year.
  2. Keep the old people, Tea Baggers, and economic conservatives happy by assuring that you won’t touch social security, medicare, defense spending, or raise taxes.
  3. Slap together a budget that just DECIMATES EVERYTHING ELSE.

You have to remember that Social Security, medicare, defense, and taxes are kinda the biggest factors in determining the budget in a given year. Trying to trim down a budget without either raising taxes or cutting those is like trying to save $5000 this year without changing your eating/driving/vacation habits. The money’s just not there unless you plan on annihilating pretty much everything outside of those activities. But again, the right thinks of government as “bad” (except for the stuff THEY like), so maybe it’ll make them happy.

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