This is the problem.

Sean Hannity has a series called “Barack Obama’s Apology Tour” (no I won’t link to it) which chronicles times where Obama went around apologizing for things on behalf of the country. This is intended to be a bad thing, and something to be used against Obama.

See this is why I bristle at the right. To them, apologies are for weak people. Strong, brave people just plow on ahead, and if they make mistakes they apparently never acknowledge them or admit to them. It all ties into that “American exceptionalism” nonsense they always plod on about. But that’s not what adults do. Adults apologize when they do wrong. Remember when Pope John Paul II apologized for the past sins of the Catholic Church? How monumental that was? If Sean Hannity had been in charge, that wouldn’t have happened.

The US has squandered a lot of good will over the past decade, so it’s damn good to have a president who can show some humility. How novel. A president who shows humility and talks about hope for the future. And that’s what he is mocked for.

2 responses to “This is the problem.

  1. I seriously do NOT get what is wrong with apologizing if you/your country screws up, ESPECIALLY to countries supposed to be your allies.  There is nothing wrong with admitting when you screw up.  Hell, everyone else is usually considered “mature” and “Adult” if they apologize for screwing up somehow, that ignoring the issue like it never happened is childish.  And yet these people expect the President to be childish, not adult?

    Just… get over yourselves, people.

  2. Yes, it’s good for America when her leader bows to foreign heads of state.

    Maybe he can shine their shoes while he’s down there.

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