The Trayvon Martin story

I have nothing to say on this one. The released 911 tapes turn my stomach. Hearing people defend Zimmerman, a grown and armed man who followed an unarmed 17 year old against the 911 dispatcher’s instructions, is just more than I want to dive into. Especially considering Zimmerman’s dozens of 911 calls and asking neighbors to be on the lookout for young black men.

There’s a difference between playing the race card and simply calling it like it is. If a shifty black guy ran down a white high school football player and shot him, he’d be in the injection chamber before the gun barrel cooled.

One response to “The Trayvon Martin story

  1. Over the weekend I read a lot about this murder, which is heartbreaking beyond words. One thing that struck me, as I listened to the tapes, was how out of it — how extremely dim-witted — the killer sounded. At first I thought he was severely mentally impaired. Then I wondered whether, when the police arrived at the scene, they tested him for alcohol/drug use, as they would surely test the driver of a car involved in a fatality.

    Another thing that struck me was the way newspapers of different political tendencies chose to illustrate the story. For example, the NY Daily News illustrated it with a picture of this unarmed youth — murdered by a much bigger, older man, with a gun and an SUV — all bulked up in his football uniform. Yeah, my stomach’s turning too.

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