Tom Corbett: “just close your eyes” if you don’t want to see the ultrasound

Between him and Santorum, I’m starting to really be ashamed that I’m from Pennsylvania.

Even if the woman opts to “close [her] eyes,” as Corbett suggests, the doctor will have to turn the ultrasound image toward her face, give her two signed copies of the printed image, describe the number of heartbeats per minute and tell her if that’s normal or not for a fetus of that age. She then has to wait 24 hours and bring all the signed paperwork and both ultrasound images to her abortion doctor in order to have the procedure legally, and the doctor has to repeat to her the age of the fetus.

This just makes me want to vomit.

You know what? Let’s extend this idea. Before we decide to bomb a city in, say, Iran, we have to get a manifest of the local population, photographs of everyone, watch a video interview with all of them, read a list of their favorite foods and movies, and before the bomb itself can be dropped, the president has to get on television and list every citizen who’s about to die, along with their ages, genders, and hobbies.

4 responses to “Tom Corbett: “just close your eyes” if you don’t want to see the ultrasound

  1. I love your suggestion.  I think it should be implemented, ASAP.

  2. Brilliant suggestion! 

  3. It’s just tissue. Why does everyone have a problem looking at it?  It’s a parasite; we should feel no qualms about staring it down before we cut it out and put it in the trashcan.

    It’s called “informed consent.”  And it’s almost as if one side doesn’t want everyone being quite fully “informed.”

    •  You’re right, it is just tissue; some call it a parasite.

      But abortions are hard enough, emotionally, that adding this to it would only exacerbate the issue. 

      It’s called “force you into changing your mind no matter what reason you have for doing this to begin with.”

      Do you really think someone who is going in for an abortion as a kind of “Birth Control” would care what the fetus looks like?  They’re the ones who consider it tissue and a parasite.  Women who are making the choice for other reasons have a hard enough time as it is.  You really all for putting even MORE undue stress on them, just because you don’t agree with their Choice of what to do with their bodies?

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