Georgia bill would force women to deliver dead fetuses

I try to be charitable, but… fuck everyone who supports this.

What’s frightening is the rate of bills like this. It’s like every state is attempting to blitzkrieg anti-woman legislation as hard as they can.

3 responses to “Georgia bill would force women to deliver dead fetuses

  1. Read this a couple days ago and it STILL infuriates me.

    So not only does this guy prove he’s a totally ignorant jerk, but proves the non-life of a dead fetus is more important than the mother who would die from sepsis from carrying said dead cells.

    Are you guys sure you want the South?  Maybe they can, you know, become part of the Middle East, since it seems that’s where they’re headed anyway.

  2. This is stupid beyond belief, rudimentary pseudoscience on the Neanderthalian level.  The bill will never pass because cooler heads will testify as to the potentially fatal maternal complications of fetal demise, including amniotic fluid infection and endometritis, hemorrhage, disseminated intravascular coagulation, and so on.  This feckin eejit should be tarred, feathered, and forced to resign in ignominy.   If he’s a lawyer, he should be disbarred for attempting to practice medicine without a license.  Should this bill, miraculously (a term not chosen without forethought, given which state this is), be passed by the Georgia lege, and signed into law by the guv, then STAY OUT OF GEORGIA if you are female.

  3. It’s amazing how the premise that the interests of the fetus are in conflict with the interests of the mother has become so widely accepted that we don’t even question it anymore.  It’s as if somewhere along the way society just got itself one big lobotomy all of a sudden.

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