The Derrick Bell “Controversy”

So, Derrick Bell, the first black law professor at Harvard and former University of Omaha School of Law dean is a “radical, racialist professor” and Obama associating with him is clearly proof that Obama’s extreme.

First, I would put money that these pundits and everyone following them exclaiming how Bell was a radical professor and it’s bad never heard of him before today, never heard of critical race theory before today, never read any of Bell’s writings on critical race theory ever, and never read the academic community’s analysis of critical race theory ever.

Second, I’m going to play the race card. Right now? See it? I’m putting it down. WHAM! That’s the race card.

These right-wing pundits are terrified little crackers who are intimidated by any black person, or any person, who has the balls to address the fact that we have an uncomfortable history when dealing with race relations, the effects are still clearly being felt now, and that the disparity experienced today, while not necessarily directly influenced by current racial politics, is inextricably linked to our policies and attitudes over the history of our country. These people are afraid of black men and anyone who wants to talk about black men in society. They’re not thinking, “Oh shiat, this nubian’s going to steal my car,” but they are thinking, “Wow, I really, really don’t want to address the fact that we’re still dealing with the shiat we’ve done, as a people, in the past.”

I’m done with any accusations of liberals having “white guilt.” It’s these people who are having white guilt, and instead of accepting our past and trying to learn from it, they’re trying to ignore history and instead using the people who would bring it out as cheap political scapegoats, turning them from scholars into nothing but strawmen even after they die and even after they had a long and prestigious academic and legal career.

Yes. These assholes are racist.

2 responses to “The Derrick Bell “Controversy”

  1. I think part of the issue is also a matter of “Entitlement”. In the GOP’s eyes, race issues = entitlement. The minorities WANT SOMETHING for being a minority. They expect a FREE RIDE. And anyone who has anything to say on the issue besides the GOP line is endorsing that FREE RIDE.

  2. and why, exactly, did you choose to use the word “cracker” to describe another human being?  Nice race card!

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