Surprise! Budget cuts mean taking a hit.

Ohioans voted for a governor who’d cut the budget. He did, and now that means small towns are in danger of collapse.

“Think about this: In six months we eliminated an $8-billion budget shortfall without a tax increase,” [Republican governor, John] Kasich said in his state of the state address this year.

The cuts were felt across the state: Auglaize County, where Uniopolis is located, lost $5 million in the new budget, according to Innovation Ohio, a left-leaning think tank. Cuyahoga County, the home of Cleveland, lost $230 million, and Hamilton County, where Cincinnati is located, lost $136 million, the think tank reported.

Everyone seems to think that when taxes go up, it means Washington is just putting extra cash in their own pockets (sorta like how guys like Mitt Romney throw their extra income into Cayman bank accounts). But all that pork, all those earmarks, they go into projects and contracts that yield jobs. So the question becomes if you believe in balancing the budget for its own sake, or lifting the economy back up.

As the article notes, people like the idea of balancing the budget, but not what that entails. It happens on the national scale when it comes to cutting spending, but no one wants any federal services to actually be trimmed back. Hopefully they’ll figure it out.

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