Andrew Breitbart is dead

I was going to avoid posting because, well, I obviously didn’t like the guy but I saw no need to shit on him. Until I remembered how he acted when Ted Kennedy died.

So… yeah. Good riddance.

2 responses to “Andrew Breitbart is dead

  1. It’s never good to gloat at someone’s death…and for all we know Ted Kennedy was a piece of shit. I mean the Kennedy family has never really been regarded as America’s moral compass.

  2. In the 1920s and 30s my maternal grandmother worked at a little company in Culver City.  She mostly worked in costumes and props.  One day a call came out for “Little People.”  Gramma was small, 4’9″ but not a “Little Person” and she sang in her church choir.  The production was a musical and if you stop/freeze frame at the right spot you can see her calling the little Munchkins to wake up.  In the movie she sang a song that I have had in my head since I heard about Brei*bart’s passing.  It starts out with “Ding dong…”  

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