Apparently we’re supposed to feel bad for rich people now

At least that’s what this asshole is saying.

The smaller bonus checks that hit accounts across the financial-services industry this month are making it difficult to maintain the lifestyles that Wall Street workers expect, according to interviews with bankers and their accountants, therapists, advisers and headhunters.

“People who don’t have money don’t understand the stress,” said Alan Dlugash, a partner at accounting firm Marks Paneth & Shron LLP in New York who specializes in financial planning for the wealthy. “Could you imagine what it’s like to say I got three kids in private school, I have to think about pulling them out? How do you do that?”

Exactly! It’s so rough having money. Poor people don’t know how good they have it. I know I often pass up homeless people and wish I lived a life as simple as they.

I’d thank Ryan for sending me this article, but I’m thinking of making him buy me a new shirt, because my nose shot blood all over the one I was wearing.

2 responses to “Apparently we’re supposed to feel bad for rich people now

  1. … WTF?

    I don’t even…

    I think my brain broke.

  2. I am so heartbroken for them that I cannot hear Mme. Guillotine’s lament over their sad, sad lives.

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