A thought.

We need to stop talking about “conservatives”. They keep talking about reverting things Obama’s done and going back to some kind of Reaganonomics utopia. Conservatism is defined, classically, as thinking things are good as they are and not wanting to fix what isn’t broken. These guys are talking about taking what’s working and going backwards. In light of that, I figure they should be the yang to the progressive yin: the regressive.

2 responses to “A thought.

  1. Beauty. I concur and shall henceforth start adding it to my string of descriptive, obscene adjectives that usually precede teapublican or conservative fundie or Republican. I’ve been referring to Republican policy as regressive for some time now. Might as well just give them the handle.

    Seriously, as you know, there’s a lot of power in getting the public to associate certain words with groups of people – it’s been done to death with the word “liberal,” like it’s something to be ashamed of. It’s part of the reason I always refer to right-to-lifers as anti-choicers; not that that one has caught on anywhere, but if you can give the group a label with a negative connotation it can resonate and stay with folks.

  2. Actually a damn good idea.  

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