You know what chaps my ass?

Everyone’s currently clamoring and crying on the right because of Democrats voting for Santorum in the Michigan primary, saying they’re doing so simply to make Mitt lose rather than out of support for Ricky. They say this is a stunt borne not of a desire to aid in the political process, but to subvert it.

Why does this bother me? Because everyone seems to have forgotten when Rush Limbaugh called for Republicans to change their registration to vote for Hillary in the 2008 Democratic primaries. Michigan has an open primary. Anyone can vote for anyone. In Texas and Ohio, where the Dittoheads followed their orders, the primaries are closed, and it was potentially voter fraud.

It just chaps my ass to hear people so indignant about things like this, when I remember they had nooooo problem when it was happening on their side.

2 responses to “You know what chaps my ass?

  1. Knowing that I pissed off a bunch of dolts who figure crossover voting is just horrendous (unless it’s being done by Republicans, then it’s a smart tactical maneuver) is just icing on the cake. I voted for Frothy.

    Not only that, but RMoney was bragging about doing the very same thing: 

    We should let them know we’ll stop if they will. Yeah, right.

  2. Hence the acronym:   IOKIYAR.

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