David Brooks on “Possum Republicans”

He raises a good point in all of this. Democrats have never had this problem. The extreme left has never proven a “threat” to the blue party, and although Democratic candidates do talk pretty during the campaign cycles, there was never a moment when a left-leaning candidate as far out as Santorum is on the right would ever have a chance of getting on the ballot. The Tea Party has held the GOP hostage, and their current incarnation is thanks to Republican efforts to foment fear and rage in order to win elections.

This is a grave of their own making. 2012 could prove the year the Republican Party finally immolates, hopefully to rise from the ashes and be a true party of level-headed conservative ideals.

3 responses to “David Brooks on “Possum Republicans”

  1. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Regad.

  2. Thanks for sharing this article with us. Regad.

  3. Thanks, good article.  I remember stories about “conference committees” where legislators on both sides of the aisle would get together and compromise on a bill, maybe water it down, maybe boost it up, but make an effort to make something that both sides could vote for.  Now it’s just “Do it my way” and “No, I’m going to filibuster because I don’t like it”  Lawmaking has become a Zero-sum game.  And we end up the losers.

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