Daily Archives: February 28, 2012

Olympia Snowe to retire, citing Senate partisanship

This is bad and good. Bad because it’s showing that moderate Republicans are being driven out. Good because it’s in Maine, so that’s a pretty good chance of a Democrat taking her place.

It’s usually a bummer when musicians get involved in politics…

…but I think GWAR’s Oderus Urungus has the right idea.

You know what chaps my ass?

Everyone’s currently clamoring and crying on the right because of Democrats voting for Santorum in the Michigan primary, saying they’re doing so simply to make Mitt lose rather than out of support for Ricky. They say this is a stunt borne not of a desire to aid in the political process, but to subvert it.

Why does this bother me? Because everyone seems to have forgotten when Rush Limbaugh called for Republicans to change their registration to vote for Hillary in the 2008 Democratic primaries. Michigan has an open primary. Anyone can vote for anyone. In Texas and Ohio, where the Dittoheads followed their orders, the primaries are closed, and it was potentially voter fraud.

It just chaps my ass to hear people so indignant about things like this, when I remember they had nooooo problem when it was happening on their side.

Iran decries use of nuclear weapons, calls them a “great sin”

Well this is gonna make the next steps awkward.

“We do not see any glory, pride or power in the nuclear weapons, quite the opposite,” [Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salehi,] said, adding that on the basis of a religious decree issued by Ayatollah Khamenei, “the production possession, use or threat of use of nuclear weapons are illegitimate, futile, harmful, dangerous and prohibited as a great sin.”

He said the existence of nearly 23,000 nuclear weapons in the world posed “the gravest threat” to sustainable international security and that as long as they existed there would always be a risk of their use and proliferation.

I agree with him, frankly. No one should have the power to completely obliterate a sizable chunk of the planet, yet that’s exactly what many countries are fighting to keep as their own exclusive right. The only reason the prospect of Iranian nuclear weapons isn’t causing a massive panic is that the western world already has thousands of them, and so the threat of “you try anything and we’ll explode the shit out of you” offers some buffer of comfort. Mutual destruction is still what passes as security these days.

Now, obviously, this won’t make a fig of difference to anyone who’s convinced that Iran is the biggest threat to America since rock ‘n’ roll and free negroes. Which makes diplomacy rather difficult, really. If one side is convinced that the other is lying, then discussions are instantly rendered impossible. You can’t engage in diplomacy with someone who distrusts everything you say.

Which isn’t to say I believe what this guy is saying, necessarily. Just that this is another layer that’s gonna have to be taken into account before we start beating the war drums again.

NPR takes a big step toward fixing mainstream journalism

The biggest complaint I’ve had with much of the mainstream media is that they have this attitude of being “fair” to both sides of an issue. When Obama’s birth certificate was a thing, the media seemed unwilling to say “no, this side is idiotic”, instead being “fair and balanced” by giving both sides time. The problem with that is that when both sides of an issue are given air, it puts them on equal footing in the eyes of the viewer.

NPR says no more. Obviously the right is going to assail this as liberal media bias, but I applaud ’em for tiring of the bullshit.

David Brooks on “Possum Republicans”

He raises a good point in all of this. Democrats have never had this problem. The extreme left has never proven a “threat” to the blue party, and although Democratic candidates do talk pretty during the campaign cycles, there was never a moment when a left-leaning candidate as far out as Santorum is on the right would ever have a chance of getting on the ballot. The Tea Party has held the GOP hostage, and their current incarnation is thanks to Republican efforts to foment fear and rage in order to win elections.

This is a grave of their own making. 2012 could prove the year the Republican Party finally immolates, hopefully to rise from the ashes and be a true party of level-headed conservative ideals.