This much irony makes my balls hurt

So there’s this group in New York jumping around with signs that say “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media” and whatnot. This isn’t a surprise, really, we’ve seen it over and over that conservatives blame the media any time things aren’t slanted their way (sorta like how it’s “persecution” not to give Christians special treatment). However, in this particular article’s case, there’s a bit of hilarity hidden in there.

The group in question is called the Media Research Center, and CNS News is the source of the article. Ready for it?

(Disclosure: The MRC is the parent organization of

Okay, let’s try and piece this one together.

A right-wing media watchdog group is using its own “news” site to spread propaganda about bias in the media. As far as irony goes, that’s about an A. The best part is the comments section, where the typical squawkboxes cry about every single media outlet that isn’t FOX and seem to completely whiff on the fact that they’re getting it all from what is the very definition of a biased news site.

Let me explain how this works. All media in the US is owned by big corporations. Disney owns ABC, News Corp owns FOX, General Electric owns NBC, etc. Thus, their reporting will frequently be biased towards the interest of said owners (remember the fracas on FOX about the News Corp scandal? Me neither). This isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s a reason why there are watchdog groups out there. Media Matters on the left, the MRC on the right. Slanted as they may be, they ostensibly exist to cut through bias in reporting.

However, when said watchdog runs a sock-puppet “news” site, even if they admit it to be such, and they run stories promoting themselves, it undermines the whole purpose of seeking truth in reporting. Media Matters is its own news site, they don’t own another one that masquerades as independent journalism. This is just nonsense.

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