This man is running for president

As a friend of mine stated, I was unaware that the Netherlands had turned into Logan’s Run.

Politicians should get fined for spreading falsehoods like this on the campaign trail. It’s a direct undermining of the ability to make an informed choice at the poll.


6 responses to “This man is running for president

  1. That’s just… I don’t know much about the Dutch system but even I know this is complete BS.  What frightens me is people take this seriously?? 

    May whatever deity you all believe in have mercy on the US this election.

    • One of the comments says it well: why would the Dutch fight to have an excellent health care system just to kill people once they make it to the old age said system enabled them to reach?

      •  Exactly.  The stupidity of Santorum in this case just…

        Again, I pray for you guys.  Hell, I pray for all of us if this is the guy that gets the nod to go against Obama and, somehow, wins.  (I know it’s unlikely, but then Bush term 2 seemed unlikely at one point, too)

  2. When does this candidate bring up wearing Stars of David, Crescents or Pink Triangles on clothing?  Or is that part of his secret plan to make America better?  He’s been inhaling too much santorum, the effects of the fumes are getting worse. 

    • Remember a couple years ago when a radio show jokingly suggested putting badges on Muslims and people agreed with them? 😛

      • Yes.  I think it was on Lush Rimbarf.  Muslims had to wear green crescents on their clothes when they were in the WWII concentration camps.  I think they were also forced to wear them on the street in Balkan countries from ’41 to ’45. 

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