Nice: Catholic jagoffs interrupt Hindu prayer

Tip o’ the hat to reader Rechan here.

It’s important to remember that when the religious right talks about religious freedom, they only mean their own. Because they follow the correct religion. Everyone else is just various shades of blasphemy and should be shut down.


5 responses to “Nice: Catholic jagoffs interrupt Hindu prayer

  1. In the end this just saddens me.

    BTW, how many warnings does a person in government get for disrupting proceedings like this before they’re kicked out?  I think here in Canada they get two or three and then the Speaker usually tosses their butt.  Then again, we wouldn’t have something like this here.  Hell, in Parliament we can call other MP’s whatever we want pretty much, even a SOB, but we can’t call them a liar. 😀

  2. It’s stuff like this that makes me think of the Religious Right as hysterical, unreasoning people. Don’t they understand the concept of double-standards? Don’t they get how un-Christlike this is? They’re basically taking their message, stripping all the meaning out of it and presenting it as noise. It’s just awful.

    Until we actually move past including these people in any sort of rational discussion, we’ll never get anywhere as a country.

    • That’s exactly it. There’s a reason Dawkins and Ghandi have respect for Christ but now Christians (Dawkins even has an “Atheists for Jesus” t-shirt). I’d have little to complain about if these self-proclaimed cross-huggers actually followed the peace and love tenets that their apparent saviour espoused, but it’s more that they use the book as a bludgeon to beat others about the head.

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