Why can't I take Christian conservatives seriously?

Because they play the victim in idiotic ways like this.

I don’t think these people know what persecution actually is. They should look to countries like in the Middle East, or China, where openly practicing Christianity can get you executed, beaten, or burned alive by people who just don’t like you. When they talk about religious freedom, they mean the freedom to force their religion on everyone else. That’s what every calamity like this is about.

Christian conservatives don’t want equality, they want supremacy. They want the ability to legislate and stamp on others’ rights because of their misguided belief that the founding fathers intended the Bible to be the foundation of modern America. Attempts to create actual equality, therefore, are massive infringements upon this “right” to supremacy.

I’d almost say what they need to see is true persecution like they’ve inflicted upon others (beatings, arson, bombings, snipers on hillsides), but that would just fuel the flames and I know damn well they’d never get the message.


One response to “Why can't I take Christian conservatives seriously?

  1. This is not entirely surprising. The evangelists, the fundamentalists, and bible beaters are all the same. Their world view is predicated on sinners and saints, the righteous and the damned. Their religion and their upbringing has not taught them to be understanding or tolerant, only to be obedient. And so they can condemn Islam, and insinuate that Obama is a Muslim terrorist. They can harrass women making the most difficult of choices. They can deny two people the simple right to marry. Their ineptitude at blending into a free(well free-ish at this point) society of many peoples with many views is to be expected. In the Christian world you are free to make only one choice for yourself, to sin or to be saved.

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