Unpleasant economic truth

If the claim that giving more money to the top 1% yields more jobs were accurate, then we would be in a period of record low unemployment. We’d be swimming in jobs. The top has more money, proportional to the GDP, than at any time in American history, and yet we’re in an unemployment crisis.

Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that HAVING money isn’t the same as SPENDING money.


One response to “Unpleasant economic truth

  1. Oh honey! They’ve created millions of jobs – just not here in the good old USA where they have to pay a decent wage and meet environmental standards and treat their employees like more than chattel.

    Eventually those countries will start demanding cleaner air and water, employees will realize they’re making their company owners rich due to their near-slave wages and lack of job security, and they’ll demand that those types of issues be addressed – just like happened here. Costs will go up. It will take some time, but it will happen.

    Or, some of them have invested their money so that they can earn even more by doing nothing of value.

    Gee, I hope Obama continues the Bush tax cuts for the rich for as long as possible. It’s a strategy that’s been working so well so far.

    (Sorry, I’ve  had about enough of the whole damn bunch of them.)

    Little Mary Sunshine

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