Daily Archives: February 5, 2012

So about this Komen kontroversy

I’m behind on it, but y’all know it by now: Komen for the Cure, a breast cancer charity, decided to stop funding Planned Parenthood, ostensibly due to abortion politics, and then reversed its decision after a massive wave of anger from the nation. Komen claimed it had nothing to do with politics, but as it turns out the main driving force behind the decision to defund PP? A staunchly anti-abortion VP.

Emails between Komen leadership on the day the Planned Parenthood decision was announced, which were reviewed by HuffPost under the condition they not be published, confirm the source’s description of Handel’s sole “authority” in crafting and implementing the Planned Parenthood policy.

Handel’s strategy to cut off Planned Parenthood involved drafting new guidelines that would prevent Komen from funding any organization that was under investigation by local, state or federal authorities. Since Planned Parenthood is currently the target of a congressional inquiry prompted by House Republicans into the way it uses government funds, the family planning provider would have been immediately disqualified from receiving new Komen grants.

There’s no question that abortion was the driving force here, but once again I feel the need to revisit a handy-dandy chart that explains what PP actually does:

See, the part about the pro-choice movement that pro-lifers don’t get is the “choice” thing. Abortion isn’t something to be celebrated and hoped for, it’s a last resort in extreme situations. Contraception, the pill, Plan B and the like are far more preferable, as is counseling the woman involved to make sure that’s really the decision she wants to make. Whenever someone decides to carry a baby to full term, that’s their choice. It’s not a victory for the pro-lifers when one chooses to have the kid, because pro-choice isn’t pro-abortion.

But I digress, the point is that Planned Parenthood is always painted as this abortion factory when they’re anything but, and I’m glad Komen got some sense knocked into them, even if the decision was more based on not wanting to lose money than actually giving a shit. But hey, that’s capitalism right?