Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

Obama quotes Jesus: conservatives go bananas

As they say, apparently you can only refer to Christ if you’re doing so to support right-wing policy.

Side note: Tea Party Jesus is fucking hilarious.

Similar, in fact, to Supply Side Jesus.

All which is summarized nicely by one Stephen Colbert.

This is what really irks me about GOP candidates

See, when Mitt Romney says we’re the only country who puts their hands on their hearts for the national anthem, does anyone¬†actually think he put any research into that statement? It’s no surprise at all that he’s wrong, but the problem is this is indicative of the thought process that we see in men like him: we just assume that the United States is the golden icon of goodness, so clearly¬†the US is the only country that would put their hands on their hearts.

There’s a difference between being wrong and simply saying something which is based in nothing beyond assumption.