My other axiom holds true!

For a while now, I’ve been saying that Obama’s head-to-head matchups with Republicans are more theoretical than anything, and once again I’m proven right. The American people, once they get the chance to actually see and hear his Republican opponents, turn against the opposition and back toward Obama.

Just in time for his State of The Union address, the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows that President Obama has garnered a 53 percent favorability rating–much higher than Republican opponents and his highest since April 2010. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, the two Republican frontrunners at the moment, clock in with 31 and 29 percent favorability ratings respectively.

What’s changed in the last few months? Why, a hefty dose of debates. It happened to every single Republican “frontrunner”. Once they hit the spotlight and the American people get a long enough look at them, suddenly all of these previous Republican starlets crash into the dirt. I mentioned this before, and reader Rechan pointed out to me that I forgot about Fred Thompson, a guy who was supposed to lazily traipse his way into office and collapsed inwardly before the race even really began.

Anti-Obama sentiment is a product of the fact that things haven’t suddenly become flowers and rainbows, not a reaction to his actual policies and actions. To be sure, he’s fucked up a lot of things, but that’s not why he was becoming unpopular. Contrast him side-by-side with any of his Republican opponents and we’re looking at a Reagan-in-84 victory.


One response to “My other axiom holds true!

  1. I would consider that those two numbers will eventually combine when they pick a candidate from the GOP. More so if Romney wins because people voting Gingrich are going to vote Republican no matter who wins. I base this on the premise that people supporting Newt are most likely real Newts.

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