What I don't get about the anti-Mitt attacks

Gingrich, et al, have been hounding Mitt to show his taxes, and recently ol’ Newtron released his taxes to show that he pays around 31% of his income to the government. Good for him.

But for the last 20 years, the line from Republicans has been to cut taxes on the top earners. The Bush Tax Cuts, the “death tax” repeal, constant GOP tax plans involve the biggest cuts for the people at the top, so shouldn’t Mitt Romney be considered the exemplar of GOP policy success? He’s rich as shit and doesn’t pay much in taxes, he’s exactly what they’ve been trying to make happen.

So why does that make him the villain now? And how is Newt the good guy because he pays higher taxes? Shouldn’t Mitt be the hero because he earned so much his taxes are lower? What the HELL is going on?


One response to “What I don't get about the anti-Mitt attacks

  1. Great insight here.
    Yes. Exactly! Just what the hell is going on here???

    It’s rhetorical though. No need for an answer. We all know what’s going on here. We all know what has to change. The fact that they just showed us that THEY know it also, is what’s an insult to every hard working American that votes Republican in the next election. Voting against his or her own best interests and those of the nation.

    Cast your vote against this lie. This hoax. This ‘Reaganomics’ nightmare that’s destroyed the American middle class and the world’s greatest society, economy, nation in just 30 years.

    Take a look to the north and see a nation that is very similar to the United States in many ways. Canada. A democracy. A capitalist society. A free nation. Much of it’s history even linked to the U.S.

    And yet their economy flourishes.

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