So, there's another Gingrich marital fidelity issue?

I constantly say it’s not the issue itself that truly bothers me, it’s how it sits in context. Herman Cain’s issues were only a problem when stacked on top of one another, and adding yet more to Newt’s list of marital disasterpieces is just piecing together why he is a terrible, terrible human being. In the rebuttal section, we have this:

The ‘family values’ thing is a standard justification for going after conservatives over their private lives while giving liberals a pass. And Ross’s phrasing disingenuously conflated personal morality and Gingrich’s views on gay marriage.

The second part is valid, but the fact remains that Newt was one of the people leading the charge hardest against Bill Clinton, and in my book hypocrisy shows more of a problem than simple family issues.

Furthermore, which liberals is he referring to that got a pass? John Edwards? He had one affair and had to drop out of the race. Or maybe he means Anthony Wiener, whose Twitter pictures forced him to resign. You know, all those liberals that never get taken to task for these problems.

Now I know Newt blew up at John King at the debate and the crowd clapped and squealed in glee, but all that did was teach me a few things (some of which we already knew):

  1. Republicans really love blaming the media whenever bad news happens.
  2. Suddenly family issues are private and irrelevant?
  3. People kept hounding Ted Kennedy about Chappaquiddick pretty much until he died, since when do character blemishes have a statute of limitations?
  4. Not to repeat myself, but I’m getting incredibly tired of Republicans lashing out at everyone else when their own problems are brought up.
  5. Listening to what the crowd boos and cheers is really, really depressing me when it comes to Republican voters.

The GOP race is turning incredibly ugly incredibly quickly. I really wonder if, by the end of it, Obama will need to do much beyond show clips of debates and their own ads and just skate on into office.


2 responses to “So, there's another Gingrich marital fidelity issue?

  1. How short the memories are. Remember Anthony Weiner? Yeah, he got a total pass.

    Also, to quote a very astute poster on FARK:

    If I were to run on a “change the oil in your car yourself” platform,
    then photos of me at Oil Can Henry’s would be relevant and the media
    should report on it.

    If I were to represent myself as the “go
    vegan or go home” candidate, a film of me enjoying a steak would be
    relevant and the media should report on it.

    If I were to run as a
    Christian candidate, the records of my donations to and leadership in
    the United Church of Dagon and Baal would be relevant and the media
    should report it.

    These would not be trivial distractions, they would be things that the people to whom I was lying would want to know.

    How hard is that to understand?

  2. Both Newt and Herman Cain blame the Democrats for their bad press all while members of their own party released the information. Both men have a history of infidelity and as faer as we know the Democrats did not unzip their pants. They do not believe in taking responsibility for their actions.

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