"Creating jobs" really isn't enough of a reason

I keep hearing Boehner, et al, say that the Keystone pipeline is good because it will create jobs, as though this fact alone justifies whatever it will do otherwise.

Tip: a rape-bortion factory would create jobs. We’d need a lot of people to keep raping and aborting. That doesn’t mean it’d be a good idea for the government to make one. Obama’s got the right idea: look beyond the short term and concentrate on the long-haul ramifications. That’s why he’s rejecting it. Besides…

The petroleum industry asserts that the Keystone XL project would create at least 20,000 jobs, but the State Department and independent groups estimate that no more than 6,000 jobs would be generated.

That’s not exactly enough jobs to warrant what this would do environmentally.


One response to “"Creating jobs" really isn't enough of a reason

  1. Okay, so the whole Keystone thing is supposedly big for us (Canada) and a lot of people are probably upset over the fact it’s not going through.  I for one am happy.  I see it two ways:

    One, I’d rather see clean power like solar and so on than more oil.  I’m not a super environmentalist but I do know less oil dependance would be better for everyone.

    Two, that said, Alberta’s determined to get rid of it’s oil.  With the problems – and now the rejection – I honestly hope our Canadian government decides to actually listen to the people and look at processing it here before selling it off.  I’m tired of seeing stuff we could do on our own go to other places, especially to the US.  I mean, come on, do we have to be THAT dependent on the US for everything?

    I agree with Obama on this, now if only our own PM would be as smart.

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