Attention Ron Paul's campaign

Telling everyone who isn’t Mitt Romney to drop out and support you is idiotic. Let me explain.

  1. Everyone who isn’t Mitt Romney is basically fighting for the same chunk of the GOP as Mitt Romney. They will never, ever support you.
  2. Having this many candidates in the field is why you’re in the running. They split the majority of the party. Right now, on an ideological basis, it’s Ron Paul vs everyone else. Consolidate the rest and you’ll get smashed.
  3. It’s arrogant as shit to ask everyone else running to support you. Like they’re just doing it to be spiteful.
  4. No one is “stunned” that you got 2nd place in New Hampshire. You got 2nd place ten times in 2008
  5. Honestly just read 1 and 2 again.

Sorry to be such a negative nancy, but it’s not like this is new territory here.

EDIT: Somehow I read the right number of 2nd places, and then misread where New Hampshire was. Weird.


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