Okay, honestly, is Rick Perry just TRYING to embarrass himself?

I can understand yelping at Obama for pulling out of Iraq (despite the fact that it was largely on Bush’s timeline), but saying you’re gonna put the troops back in? What the hell, man.

“I would send troops back into Iraq,” Rick Perry told a New Hampshire audience at Saturday night’s GOP debate, warning that without yet another military operation in Iraq it would fall under the influence of neighboring Iran.

“I think it’s a huge error for us,” he said. “We’re going to see Iran in my opinion, move back in at literally the speed of light. They’re going to move back in. And all of the work we’ve done — every young man that has lost his life in that country will have been for nothing. Because we’ve got a president that does not understand what’s going on in that region.”

Iran is the new Iraq. If the economic criticisms don’t gain traction, they’re going to start spending as much time as possible blabbering about how Iran is going to kill us all and we have to start a war with them. So… buckle up.


6 responses to “Okay, honestly, is Rick Perry just TRYING to embarrass himself?

  1. As much as I cannot stand Perry, he has a point.  I think Iraq will turn to shit.  However, he is crazy to say he would return troops there.  We never should have been there in the first place.  The lives lost in Iraq are already lost for nothing.  Even if you do not want to believe that, they are what are called in finance…”sunk costs”.  They are spent, they are gone, and you don’t throw good money (or lives) after bad (deaths).
    That criminal Bush has blood on his hands, and now Perry would like to have his shot at being a Texas “Wartime President”.  Remember that he was in the Corp at Texas A&M, and that certainly impacts his mindset about military power.  The last thing we need in this country is another dumb-assed Texan as president.
    The sooner Perry is out of the race, the sooner we can all breath easier.  I mean, I already feel better with Bachwoman out of the race.  The ratio of adults in the Republican Primary will continue to increase.
    Given the things I do not agree on with Huntsman, he is still the best alternative to Obama.  Not that I want to see Obama lose.

    • Well of course Iraq has the potential to collapse, I think that was a foregone conclusion from the moment they decided to come sweeping in and decimate half of the landscape. But this notion that it can be “fixed” by putting the troops in again is where I just shake my head at Perry.

      Agreed 100% on Huntsman. It’s just a shame it’s too late in the game for him to gather enough steam to make any appreciable dent.

      • The following might be
        interesting to followers of this  site.  I think
        perhaps the questions had somewhat of a conservative slant.  I could not find a perfect fit on some, and I
        hated to answer “None of the above”. 
        Obama came out as my top choice…thank God, but I was very surprised by
        the tie for number two.  I was pleased to
        see one of them was Huntsman, as I think he is the least objectionable to me  of the Republicans.  However, I was shocked….I say shocked…to find
        him tied with Perry on positions most like mine.  I cannot stand this turkey, and I mean no offense to turkeys.
        Take this test from the USA Today website to see which candidate is most attuned to your own views.
        After doing so, click the colored bars under each candidate to see that candidate’s view on the corresponding question.
        Click on or copy and paste the link below.

      • Nice find! The questions do have a LOT of conservative lean, but I think that’s just because a lot of it is trying to match you with the policies of specific politicians rather than giving you a broad ideological spectrum. If the answers have a rightward lean, it’s because the politicians do.

        By the way, is it sad that I knew who all the people were just from their silhouettes?

  2. “Is Rick Perry just TRYING to embarrass himself?” Why would he have to TRY?

  3. We went into Iraq under the lie that Saddam had something to do with the “attacks” on Sept. 11th then under the lie that they had WMD’s, but never under the truth that they were planning on taking er receiving the rights to the oil reserves. The 4000 plus soldiers that died there did lose their lives for nothing. The fact that one of these idiots could and would put our soldiers BACK over there is really scary.

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