These are the kinda Christians I really like

Y’know, the ones who actually believe the whole “love thy neighbor” and “thou shalt not kill” portions of the Bible. Take, for example, this lady slapping Santorum around.

Later still, a woman holding a Bible asked how his “war mongering” reconciled with his faith.”Jesus said to love your enemies and feed them, not blow them up!” she said.

Also, I have to just shake my head at the fact that, again, the only argument Frothy ever has against gay marriage is to play “slippery slope” and bring up something else. A good sign that someone has a weak argument is when they can’t tackle the situation itself and instead resort to extrapolation.

A day earlier, on Thursday, Santorum tangled with gay rights supporters at a college convention in Concord, defending his opposition to liberalizing marriage laws by raising the specter of polygamy. “What about three men?” he asked, challenging audience members who sharply questioned his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Actually I can answer that simply: I have no moral problem with polygamy, but it’s probably not economically sustainable to start allowing people to have two, three, five, and ten spouses on their employer-provided insurance plans. So, yeah. But you gotta give him credit, at least he didn’t bring up dog-fucking.

Side note: after you fuck a dog, you may have to clean up its santorum later when you take him for a walk.


One response to “These are the kinda Christians I really like

  1. The slippery slope situation goes both ways, Ricky. If you can say Gays can’t marry, then other groups might lose the right to marry.

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